I began my fitness journey with Thea in June 2018 after receiving a set of training sessions for Thea Ward Fitness from a local silent auction. Never having tried personal training services, I was unsure of what to expect. Immediately upon entering Thea’s training center for the first time, all fears I had were put to rest. Thea set time aside to talk to me privately about my exercise experience, goals and expectations, and any previous injuries. My goals centered around gaining strength and improving endurance and Thea carefully selects workouts to match my goals and adjusts them as necessary. Over the last several months, I have met with Thea between two and four times per week along with attending her Saturday Sweat Sessions. She is always willing to accommodate my less than flexible schedule which is one quality I personally appreciate. She also sends workouts and tips home with her clients to work on between appointments. Second only to her enthusiasm, commitment to continuing education in health and wellness and creative workout routines, are her dedication to professionalism and steadfast attention to safety at all times. Thea’s education and expertise allow her to foster a relationship of trust with her clients to facilitate customized routines for truly any level of fitness. Thea’s amazing ability to be encouraging, motivating, patient, and understanding allows her clients to have fun while improving physical and emotional fitness. Her sense of humor, down-to-earth personality, and integrity are only a few of the traits that set her apart from the rest. She is a person of prodigious honesty, dedication, and warmth. Even while working to my physical capacity, I have never left a session absent a few laughs and a mission for our next session. Personal training with Thea has allowed me to maintain focus and strength during moments of weakness and vulnerability. I have continued to gain knowledge of proper form and technique to reduce risk of injury and burnout. Working with Thea has instilled the necessary confidence and discipline necessary to continue working on my goals. I will continue to recommend Thea to anyone looking to learn about and improve their relationship with fitness and mind/body wellness. My only regret is not starting sooner!


Angie A.