What I learned training Miss America

I met Cara in January. She is bubbly and seems to be excited about everything in life. For those of you who know me, you know that bubbly would never be a word used to describe me. 

 Needless to say, I was very concerned about what I had gotten myself into when I said I would sponsor this girl. 

 My concern lasted all of 3 minutes. A normal session included a tough workout, that she would kill while smiling and conversations about what was next for her. Cara became a great client, an incredible friend and someone I have come to respect very highly.  She is one of the most resilient and strongest women I have had the privilege to meet. 

I think of myself as a strong woman so to work along side other strong women is something I find very inspiring. 

So I did my best to sum up what Cara taught me in between burpees and push-ups. 

 1. Women can be both nice and strong. 

2. It's perfectly acceptable to believe you can change the world. It's also acceptable to try to do as much good as you can for others. 

3. You should be proud of your accomplishments and you should not be afraid to talk about them. 

4. Women need to support other women. The success of another doesn't mean it's your failure. You can pursue success while still celebrating the success of others. 

4. You don't have to be fully ready for something. You just need to be brave. 

5. It is ok to be brave enough to have conversations that matter. 

6. Failing once, doesn't mean you failed forever. 

6b. Never quit. 

7. Circumstances can make a dream or a goal more difficult, but persistence and a passion to live big will eventually prevail. 

8. You can have a bad day. In fact you can completely lose it for a little bit. Just keep it in perspective. 

9. It can be pretty amazing to be a trailblazer. 

10. There is very little more important in this world than service to others. And it is extremely important to empower our children to practice this at a young age. 

11.  It's ok to know who you are and what you expect and want in life. 

12. It's ok to change your goals, wants and expectations. 

13. It is ok to live big. And to surround yourself with people that never allow you to live small. 

14. It's great when people describe you as driven and ambitious. It's just as great to be described as kind and compassionate. 

15. It's ok to decide what is important and it's ok to say no to what isn't. 

16. It's ok to believe that your dreams should have no limits and that you live in a world where anything is possible. 

17. It's ok to have to pave the road as you go. 

18. The most powerful voice you will ever hear is your own. 

19. Believing in someone is one of the greatest gifts you can give. 

20. It's ok to know that you are smart. It's ok to feel beautiful. To know that you have really pretty eyes. It's ok to use your fingers to list the things you are good at. To use only positive words to describe yourself. To know you are a strong leader. You can say no to anything and anyone that tries to make you live small when you know you were meant to live big. It's ok to know without a doubt that you are much greater than any past failures and that you are going to move mountains.

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