I have some pretty amazing clients. All extremely different and all bring out different positive attributes about myself. Last night I was talking to a client about why I love what I do. I can sit and talk to her about behavioral health things, while comparing our latest MORPHE pallettes and then figure out the best place to find toe rings. And while discussing how funny it is that her running a race in the rain is the reason she is there and we can laugh about matching hats. I am also extremely blessed that I get to witness clients change and grow over time. 

I want to stress that I in no way feel responsible for their transformations, but being apart of their health journey I get to witness it.

I have watched young ladies go from local title holders to Miss North Dakota's Outstanding Teen to Miss America. Their confidence stayed strong through their training, but to learn from them what I did still baffles me. Their passion and drive is something I admire and strive to reach. 

I got to thinking today about two specific clients. Mary and Sarah. Mary is not what I would call someone who ever lacked confidence. She is and since the moment I met her has always struck me as someone extremely strong and extremely assertive (I use assertive positively). But I found out it took her quite some time to join my FITCAMP and if you know anything about my FITCAMP you know it is one of the least indimiating places to be. She has been apart of the tribe now for some time and now she is often leading modifications for people. She is someone I call for advice and trust completely. But my favorite part about Mary...are the selfies I now get of her in her bold, often shades of purple, LipSense. That right there is confidence and the Mary I first met wouldn't have worn purple lipstick.

Sarah. I know she won't mind so I will be completely honest here. Sarah was a very needy client in the beginning. Constant need of validation after every workout. This was about three years ago. She too has become a great friend and in the last year has gone from needing validation to providing it. She studied extrenely hard to become a certified personal trainer and has helped fill in for FITCAMP. Now, she has the confidence to start her own camp all on her own. 

Fitness and the decision to become a better version of yourself with a healthy lifestyle can impact so much more than the way you look. 

Now I will get to myself, and an incidient that happened tonight that brought back the confidence that I had for most of my life. 


* the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

* the state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

* a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.

Firm trust. That is my favorite part. When I was younger I always pushed the limits in terms of fashion. It never bothered me what people said. I knew I was a little out there for Minot, ND but hey I liked that I could express myself through fashion and that I could often see designs as art. 

As you will see in the slideshow below I definetly had my own taste. Carrying the latest Dooney & Bourke (Lindsey Lohan was the spokesmodel for this one ha!) with a pair of BEBE shoes that I still have in a box. Wearing a mini skirt and long duster that I got in France. Big flowers in my hair were common and I was often way more dressed up than I needed to be, even when playing dance dance and Aladdin's Castle. Dressing up a normal outfit with a vintage necklace and wearing a crazy bridal gown to the International Military Ball. I was used to people not always understanding how I dressed. But tonight, tonight something happened that made me remember who "me" is. 

 I was at A & B Pizza with the Out of the Darkness Walk Committee and went to the restroom. As I was walking in a table of younger girls turned and started laughing. I heard earring and knew right away they were talking about my new retro pair that Jocelyn insisted went with my outfit and new hair. And she was right. There were perfect. But they were loud and almost obnoxious. Oh yeah and huge. But these earrings, these crazy earrings that were the reason people laughed at me....brought back confidence I have not had in a very very long time. It reminded me of who I was, who I am. I am a business owner, a fitness professional - so heels and skirts are out. But I love some great earrings, fun makeup and an awesome hat. I don't know why but even though I rock some hats very few can I have not had the confidence that I do now that I was laughed at. It reminded me of every time someone told me I should quit trying to dress like someone in a magazine. Every time someone laughed that I dropped $50 on a book called Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity, and Deathliness or something similar. It reminded me how I....never....cared... and it brought back a little part of the old me. The me that believes in myself as much as I believe in others. 

Confidence goes by a number of words. certainty. courage. determination. backbone. boldness. daring.fearlessness. faith in oneself. Whatever word works for you, find what brings you the confidence you deserve to have in yourself. Whether its purple lipstick, passing an exam or literally getting laughed at, find it, hold on to it and never forget it. 

I'd love to hear what makes you confident, or why you have that firm trust in yourself. For me, it was always there I just lost it and these crazy earrings brought back that firm trust in me, Thea, the girl who falls a lot and dresses differently sometimes.

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Earrings in Question 

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