How sitting all day is harming you?

How sitting all day is harming you?

May 21, 2015

Simply put - sitting is killing you. Numerous studies have pointed to the health risks of sitting all day, so here I will discuss some ways you can get up and move throughout the workout day. Please note that all photos I use throughout this blog are photos/pdfs I have found through the internet or pinterest. I do not take credit for these at all.


The human body simply isn't built to sit all day at a desk or for hours in front of the couch. Many of us spend more time sitting than sleeping. To avoid some of the health risks, not only should you get the recommended 30 days of daily activity but to get up and move at every possible moment.


No I am not saying go out and buy a standing desk. Simple things like placing important items (phone, copier) away from the desk so that in order to use them you must get up and move! Even if it is just a few feet! Let's start with some statistics. Keep in mind things such as daily activity and diet also play a part in how sitting will affect you. The information provided below is that of a fairly healthy individual who does not smoke, is not overweight nor do they drink in access.


The Facts:

*We are on average sitting down 9.3 hours a day compared to our average of 7.7 hours of sleep.

*Between 1980 and 2000, exercise rates have stayed the same, sitting time has increased by 8% and obesity rates have doubled.

*Walking burns 3-5 times the amount of calories as sitting.

*You have an Increased Risk of Heart Disease. New studies have shown that exercise once a day, even for an hour, isn't enough to make up for sitting all day at work. Those who work out and sit all day are just as likely to develop heart disease as those who don't work out and sit all day.

*You are at an increased risk for injuries. Sitting puts a lot of pressure on your hips and spine, and can lead to some injuries in them over an extended period of time. One such injury may be a herniated disk. Continued pressure on your spine may cause a disk to come out of place, creating a painful condition that can require medication, physical therapy or even surgery.

*Increased risk of depression.

*Slowed metabolism.

*Risk of Diabetes.

*Raised cholesterol.

*Decreased life span. Those who sit more than six hours a day are at an increased risk of early death from all causes, higher by an average 35% for women and 18% for men, for those who exercise. Those who don't exercise and sit all day are at a 94% higher risk of premature death for women, and a 48% higher risk for men. This is no joke for those who spend their days at a desk.


Ok so it’s obvious we need to get moving throughout the day! Fortunately for me I have an entire private personal training studio at my fingertips so not only can I get up and move, but I have the tools to do so. Realistically, this is not something that everyone has access too! So what can you do? Below I will list some tricks on how to make sure you get up and move throughout the day as well as some exercises you can do in an office!


Tips & Tricks:

*Take the stairs. Every chance possible. Climbing stairs for two minutes, five days a week provides the same calorie burn as a 36-minute walk. Consider setting yourself a quota of say, 80 stairs per day (a typical staircase has 10 steps, so that’s eight flights).

*Add 10 minutes of walking to your lunch menu. At work or at home, we often allot 30 to 60 minutes to eat but how long does it actually take you to eat? Often no more than 15 minutes. Walking 10 minutes a day promotes a healthy heart, improved brain function, and an ease in depression. All while burning calories!

*Make it a goal to never talk on the phone seated. Every time you answer the phone stand up! Pace if the phone allows. But just tell yourself. I will stand every time I take a call.

*Most offices have multiple rest rooms. Why always take the closest one? Take one on the next floor? Or the one further down the hall. Move as much as you can!

*Put items such as your phone or printer away from your desk, so that to use them you must get up.


Exercise options for the workplace:

Below here I will just post photos I have found to give you some ideas. I do not have the programs, or the creativity to make these on my own! But you will see where I found them on the photos themselves.